Dear Member of Parliament,

Concerning the ten minute Bill on extending embryo research on the 31st October please note The Lancet editorial of 26th August.

"Over excitement on embryo stem cells"

-- "The use of "Therapeutic" when only research is meant raises the stakes too high...."

"In just a few days a moral issue that ought to trouble those with no religious beliefs has been taken over by scientists ,politicians and by money"

"If stem cells do turn out to be a significant source of theraputic agents they could come from reprogrammed adult cells".

Also please note that;

New research from Sweden has been published since the Donaldson report . This shows that stem cells have been found in adult liver and bone marrow. These are more likely to be therapeutically usefull because they are compatible with that person.

We think that only non controversial research will lead to widely accepted treatments.

yours etc

For The Medical Ethics Alliance