The Medical Ethics Alliance is an umbrella organisation of Hippocratic and World Faiths medical organisations in this country. In addition to this submission we ask that we may also be allowed to make a verbal submission to the Select Committee on Stem Cell Research. For information we also enclose details of our conference on cloning.

It is on cloning that we wish to direct most of our remarks. The term "nuclear tansfer" when applied to creating cloned embryos should more properly be replaced by "cloning" in the Donaldson report and the government`s response. This is necessary for a properly informed public debate. We note that other countries have been more explicit in this matter, especially our European neighbours.

To create a human entity which then commences full embryonic developement is morally reprhensible whether it leads to birth or is interrupted for scientific , therapeutic or commercial reasons. That is because human life pocesses a value in its origins which precludes it being used as a commodity or means towards an end.

To implant and bring to birth a cloned baby would give rise to problems of identity, relationships and kinship of unimaginable comlexity. We hold that all persons are entitled to have both a mother and a father. Children are also the equal of parents and it is contrary to their human rights to be "produced" or "enhanced" at the wish of others. We question if the recent unamendable statutory instrument is a sufficient authority for Parliament to authorise such a far reaching step given that knowledge has no boundaries and that once cloning has been perfected for any reason, it will lead to cloned babies if
not here elswhere.

Yours Sincerely
A P Cole,
Chairman Medical Ethics Alliance