I was shocked to read in the Independent, the Guardian and BBCnews today, that Professor Bill Ledger, Head of reproductive medicine at Sheffield University, is calling on the Government, during a conference at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, to offer free IVF, as this will boost the British economy and would ease pensions by bringing 10 000 more children within two to three years. This is needed because the birth rate is quite low in Britain now: 1.8 births per woman... which is below the 2.1 figure needed to maintain the population size/replacement level.

Every child born through IVF is supposed to bring this contribution to the economy:
£147 138!

This is an amazing logic!

Why promote this unnatural and costly method of creation and reproduction, when nearly 200,000 unborn children are aborted in Britain each year and hundred of thousands of couples regularly contracept, using the pill, the morning after pill and other methods.
Women reject their natural fertility in their late teens and twenties when their bodies are best suited by nature to giving birth and contracept regardless of the cost to their health and long term fertility.

The result is a growing number of women who wish to have children later in life when their fertility is much reduced or even damaged and their bodies are less suited by nature to cope with childbirth.

Why do we break nature's rule. . ..and avoid having many children?
Why do we adopt an unnatural " sterile" sexual life style?

The saying, God always forgives, Mankind sometimes forgives but Nature never forgives, is apt in this case. Mankind can not continue going against nature without reaping the “rewards”. We already see the costs of decades of abortion and contraception, low birth rate, ageing population and decreasing fertility.

The solution is in our hands.

We can reverse the damage to Society.
We need to change our selfish unnatural and unhealthy life style. Put our species and our society before our own lifestyle, bring procreation back into sex and encourage young couples to put children (who are their and our future) before personal wealth.

Is there any one listening?

There had better be, or things will get worse, Mother Nature will see to that.

Dr A.Majid Katme(MBBCh,DPM)
Spokesman: Islamic medical Association/UK
E-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.