The Medical Ethics Alliance notes the press summary issued 25/6/14 in the case before the Supreme Court  from the appellants Nicklinson and another. 
"The Supreme Court unanimously held  that the question whether the present law on assisted suicide is incompatible with Article 8 ( of the  European Convention on Human Rights ), was within the United Kingdoms "margin of appreciation", and was therefore a question for the United Kingdom to decide, and that Parliament was inherently better qualified than  the Courts to assess, and that under present circumstances the courts should respect Parliament`s assessment"

 This is to be welcomed and the appellants did not succeed in their appeal that the Suicide Act 1961, was incompatible with their human rights.

The Medical ethics alliance says that once the principle of assisting suicide is granted it will be extended incrementally and that there are no effective safeguards against abuse and that attitudes towards vulnerable patients will change.

The Medical Ethics Alliance joins the British Medical Association, Royal Colleges of General Practice and Physicians, together with the British Geriatric Association and the Association of Palliative Care Medicine, in opposing physician assisted suicide.

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