Life`s Nuala Scarisbrick has once again righty condemned China`s one child policy.

This week shocking pictures of a newborn baby girl lying dead in a gutter appeared in a national newspaper....

The meeting of Christians, Jews and Muslims ,hosted by the Medical Ethics Alliance in London heard about the largely untold horrors that haunt so many women for the rest of their lives after they have had an abortion.

Dr Pravin Thevathasan ,a psychiatrist at the Royal Shrewsbury hospital, described common symptoms of post abortion trauma including uncontrolable weeping ,flashbacks of the abortion, depression ,eating disorders, alchohol abuse and sleeping difficulties.

And Margaret Cuthill, national coordinator of British Victims of Abortion ,said many women`s problems after abortion did not show up in the statistics because they were locked in denial for years afterwards.

"I had two abortions ,nine years apart,but my denial only broke down after the second abortion. We have women calling us ten 15.20,sometimes 40 years after the event".

Mirror these facts against the hard -hitting photographs in the newspaper and we are able to gain just a glimpse of the harm this will have on any nation`s psyche.

THE CATHOLIC TIMES 28th February 2001