No Water-No Life: Hydration in the Dying.

Published in 2005 by Fairway Folio. Editor Craig GM. ISBN 0 9545445 3 6


This book highlights the dangers of a regime of sedation without hydration in the dying and documents a decade of debate on this subject that preceded the Liverpool Care Pathway. It will challenge and inform readers in many walks of life. Reprints of key papers give the views of the main protagonists including Ellershaw and Dame Cecily Saunders. Case reports show the complexity of the situation. Some dissenting relatives suffered post-traumatic stress.

Dr Robin Fainsinger a Director of Palliative Care Medicine in Canada who offers his dying patients subcutaneous hydration said “Dr Craig has performed a great service to palliative care for her thoughtful approach in challenging a long held dogmatic practice…Her book is fascinating and informative.”


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Patients in Danger: the Dark Side of Medical Ethics.

Enterprise House (UK) Editor Craig GM. ISBN 0 9552840 0 7 (p 272.) 


This book was published in June 2006. It covers tube feeding as a form of life

support and explores ethical dilemmas created by decisions to withdraw or withhold

tube feeding. Medical ethical problems are illustrated by case reports, press

reports and analysis of professional guidelines. American author Wesley J Smith

paints a worrying picture of futile care theory as practised in the USA, yet we in the

UK are following suit.

Medical practice has become polluted with politics as governments seek to contain the costs of health care. The frail elderly are now at risk. Society is deeply divided about how to tackle these problems. This book is highly topical and should be of interest to all who are involved in difficult “end-of-life decisions”.



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