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Exercise At Home: Tips And Care For Your Training At Home

Want to train in the comfort of your home? Great, but you need to be careful not to get hurt and for training to work. Being in the comfort of your own home and exercising – with or without equipment to do activity – is no excuse for neglecting yourself. You can do your training at home!

Mobile apps also provide exercises by level. So, follow each one’s guidance so that you don’t end up getting sick and having an opposite effect to the effect of waiting when exercising at home. We have separated the main tips to exercise at home (ออกกำลัง กาย ใน บ้าน which is the term in Thai).

Don’t Be Distracted By The TV Or Cell Phone.

Training at home gives you the freedom to exercise whenever you want and whatever day is best for you. But with freedom also comes responsibility: don’t get distracted. Try not to get stuck on the cell phone, respect the intervals between repetitions, and don’t stop during the continuous aerobic exercise training.

Choose a difficult time for you to be distracted and preferably when you are alone at home to avoid any interruptions. Interrupting training at home dramatically reduces its effectiveness. This is because each set and the duration of each exercise is designed precisely to act on your muscle and body in the right way.

Breathe Right – Home Workout

Breathing wrong can hurt your workout. However, correct breathing can help you exercise more intensely – which in turn improves your workout. When we inhale through the nose and let it out slowly through the mouth, we oxygenate our body and help it continue the exercise with more force.

If you are doing sit-ups, for example, inhale on the way up and exhale on the way down. You will notice the difference in your training, and you can be sure!

Drink Water

It would be best if you stay hydrated during your workouts at home. Before starting, have a glass of water! Keep a bottle close by to hydrate yourself during your sets and remember: at no time during exercise at home should you feel thirsty. Hydration is essential to improve your performance, give you more energy and improve the tone of your muscles.

Don’t Overdo It – Home Training.

The freedom to train at home can make you want to train all the time. But be careful; the body needs to rest. Working out too much can cause muscle fatigue, stress, and other health problems. 

It’s also important to alternate the more intense home training days with the lighter training days to not strain your body, ok?