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3 Ways to Get Rid of Frozen Shoulder

Frozen shoulder is very commonly seen in women around the age of 40. It stiffens the shoulder joint and causes loss of motion. If not treated properly, it can cause serious issues. It sometimes occurs due to long-term injury or surgery; it takes a lot of time to recover. It will eventually recover with proper treatment and care. But the treatment requires a lot of patience and stability of mind. The recovery may take longer than expected time, but it will treat you and help you numb the pain.


Simple Home Treatment


 Simple home treatment can be the fastest way to recover the stiffness of the shoulder. If the pain is mild, regular working out would be very helpful. Consulting with a doctor every alternative week and giving updates about the improvement is crucial. There are certain exercises and physiotherapy that can help to ease the pain of the shoulder.

  • Warming up of the body before the exercise is needful. Doing certain stretches and strengthening will easily help you move your head and shoulder.
  • Taking prescribed medicines at regular intervals will also help to numb the pain.


Understanding the Symptoms of Frozen Shoulder


Getting a grip on the symptoms of the frozen shoulder will help you choose the remedy fast. If the symptoms are mild, like a little uneasiness feeling in the shoulder can easily be treated at home. But there are other symptoms like the freezing stage, where any movement causes pain. You have to choose and See Detail [ดูรายละเอียด which is the term in Thai] about which remedy will be helpful during the time. The frozen stage and the thawing stage are the last two stages. In these two stages, the pain becomes immense and gets totally out of control. So before reaching that stage, it is necessary to get a check-up if you find any problem around your shoulder.