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Does SMILE help stressed patients?

Many eye surgery patients will tell you that the most unpleasant part of SMILE and LASIK procedures is the pressure the femtosecond laser puts on the eye to stop the eye while doing its job. . It is a part of the procedure that is difficult for most patients to accept. In LASIK, the laser works at a speed of 10 seconds, but in Smile, the femtosecond laser works longer because it changes more corneal tissue.

SMILE is a silent and tasteless program.

This is the benefit of SMILE reported by patients. In LASIK, the sound lasts about 4 seconds. Also, in LASIK, when corneal tissue is removed with a laser, it smells like burnt hair. SMILE is also quiet and odorless because it does not use an excimer laser.

Vision Recovery – Which is Faster, LASIK, or a Smile?

It is difficult to answer this question directly because the recovery times are slightly different. Because there is no “cutting” and flipping, SMILE is said to be high speed. Instead, the small incision that removes the microlens heals very quickly – usually by the end of the day or the next day.

Additionally, since there is no risk of flap-related complications, patients can resume activities such as swimming and outdoor sports within the first week after SMILE surgery. However, these vigorous activities are usually allowed 15 days to 1 month after LASIK surgery.

Nevertheless, restoration can achieve visual restoration. Some LASIK patients adapt to activities, including computer screen time, much faster than patients who perform SMILE. Although patients who have had SMILE surgery may start using a computer the day after surgery but can rest in the meantime, SMILE patients have been shown to take time to adapt to computer tasks.


If enabled, SMILE may be a better option.

Most ophthalmologists inform their patients that the main benefit that SMILE brings to LASIK when the patient leads a very active life is that the cap increases the eye’s resistance to trauma. As mentioned above, mild to moderate eye trauma during sports can cause problems with the LASIK flap.

Also, there is no risk of flap dislocation after SMILE because there is no flap in the habit of rubbing the eyes vigorously. Therefore, anyone who rubs or pinches their eyes is recommended to use the SMILE Eye Surgery Los Angeles procedure. Be careful when handling your eyes after LASIK, as the flaps will take some time to subside. The activity, therefore, lasts about 15 days to a month.