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Drug Rehab London – Choice Between Inpatient And Outpatient Programs

The first step you take to break a drug addiction is to admit that you need help. It is not easy to break away from drug addiction since you will suffer from withdrawal symptoms. Some of these are life-threatening. Hence, it is imperative that you monitor withdrawal at a drug rehab in London under medical supervision.

How to select a program?

There are inpatient and outpatient programs where you can seek help. Indeed, the first step is to determine the level of help you require. For addictions that are out of control, it would be wise to check-in at an inpatient drug rehab London. Usually, drug addictions showcase more serious symptoms during withdrawal. For such reasons, it is necessary that you opt for constant medical care and expert supervision to achieve sobriety.

1.    What an Outpatient Program Offers?

If you are confident of gaining sobriety while staying at home, you can opt for an outpatient program. This is again a decision you take as per finances and personal life situations. If you have dependents at home and need to maintain your employment, it is necessary to check any addiction behavior at the earliest. It is advisable that you reach out to an outpatient program in such a case.

Such a program offers the following:

  • You get to attend 10 to 12 hours of intervention sessions every week.
  • Counseling at such drug rehab London centers comprise of individual and group sessions.
  • Workshops and interactive sessions discuss issues of drug abuse.
  • Recovering addicts learn life skills on how to overcome dependency.

Such a program is ideal if you have just developed signs of addiction. It is also for addicts who move out from intense inpatient programs to outpatient care or counseling sessions. You might visit such a center for three to six months. This depends on the effects of the program. It is also as per the advice of the program counselors.

2.    Inpatient Programs

If the addiction takes over your normal life, it is time to take control. If you can afford it, an inpatient drug rehab in London is the best program to opt for. Here you check yourself into a program where every minute of your day is under supervision. The inpatient recovery programs come with medical care and emotional support. You undergo medicinal therapies to detox your system. At the same time, experts help to manage withdrawal symptoms that are life-threatening. Counseling sessions, holistic healing therapies are usually part of such programs.

With several programs available, many would like a tropical or beachside rehab experience. In such cases, you can reach out to a professional program in London. Such a center usually has a network of rehab resorts in different parts of the world.


The first step is to recognize your need for a drug rehab London program. With inpatient and outpatient programs available, all you need is to make a choice as per your lifestyle requirements and finances.