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FAQs on Online Fitness Training Program

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Online fitness training has been catching up for a few years now. There are a multitude of mobile apps that allow you to do your fitness training online.

The Covid-19 outbreak has caused an upsurge in the number of people opting for online fitness training, which is unprecedented.

Are you one of those people who have just started receiving online fitness training or have joined an online fitness training program?

Are you still contemplating? Here is a list of FAQs that can help you make the right decision.

What is online fitness training?

It is when you receive your fitness and nutrition training or coaching from a trained coach, online. In most of the cases, the training is provided through a webcam or using the video calling feature of your mobile phone.

Online fitness training can be group training or individual training depending on your coach, the package that you opt for, or the interface or the technology that you are using.

If your instructor uses his or her mobile phone, then it might be a bit difficult for him or her to monitor lots of trainees unless he or she is casting the mobile screen on a big TV screen.

In many cases the fitness trainers upload pre-recorded videos that you can download or stream and use them for your fitness training purposes at a convenient time.

These videos also act as a ready reference in case you want to know that the physical activities that you are doing are correct or not.

What are the benefits of getting online fitness training?

One of the biggest benefits in the times of Covid-19 is that you can receive your training from a certified trainer or coach from the safety of your home.

You save lots of time. You don’t have to travel. You can immediately start your workouts when the online class begins.

It is also easier to get one-on-one attention from your fitness training coach through video calling or text chatting.

Online fitness training is cheaper compared to the traditional on-site training because you are not using the infrastructure of the studio at the gym. You are working out at your home. This makes fitness training quite affordable and accessible.

Are all gyms and fitness training studios providing online fitness training?

Not necessarily. It depends on your individual gym or training studio, or your fitness trainer or coach. Our gym is providing online fitness training.

Do I need a special mobile app to receive online fitness training?

Again, it depends on the individual gym or instructor. You can use a video chatting or video conferencing app like Zoom or Google Meet to get online fitness training. There are also some dedicated mobile apps through which you can receive training.

The benefit of using a mobile app is that it has all the add-on features that you need to track your progress, to keep in touch with your trainer and access your reports.

It may also have a separate nutrition section where you can keep a record of what you have been eating and what you need to avoid.

Many fitness apps have social features built-in so that while following your fitness routine you can interact with other health enthusiasts and share experiences with them.

You have group chatting features. You have one-on-one chatting features. You can post updates on mainstream social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter through your fitness app.

Ultimately, what matters is what you are comfortable in. You can simply use a video chatting mobile or app and you can receive your fitness training through a standard fitness training app.

Where should I train at home while receiving online fitness training?

Select a part of the house where you have enough space to move around. If you need some equipment, there should be some space for the equipment too.

Many people prefer to work out in the compound or on the roof but make sure that you get enough privacy and good Wi-Fi connectivity. Also, sometimes it is very bright outside and it becomes difficult to see the mobile screen.

Some people feel very hot when working out so you may require the air conditioner or a place that is adequately cross ventilated.

So choose the ambiance of your online fitness training according to the space you have and your comfort level.

Make sure you don’t bump into something or accidentally hit your arm or your foot into any pointed furniture item.

Do I need a gym membership to receive online fitness training?

If you are receiving your online fitness training through your existing gym then there may be some condition that necessitates that you have the membership of the gym.

If your online fitness trainer provides you coaching independently in his or her own capacity, then you don’t require a gym membership. But if your instructor is representing a gym or a fitness studio, then you may have to get a membership.

Anyway, the membership fee is going to be a lot less than the traditional fee because you will be receiving your fitness training online.

Can anyone get online fitness training?

In case you have an existing medical condition then it is advised that you consult your physician before starting your online fitness training. Although your certified trainer will analyze your health condition and recommend a training regimen accordingly, it is better to get a checkup done by a trained physician.

For example, if you recently experienced a back injury or if you have arthritis, some of the physical activities done during fitness training may be detrimental to your health. If you have diabetes or high blood pressure you need to monitor your diet and your pulse rate constantly.

Otherwise, if there is no pre-existing medical condition, nothing should stop you from receiving online fitness training.

What is the duration of a particular fitness training virtual session?

It depends on the package you have opted for. Normally, a session lasts for 30-60 minutes.

How do I register to receive online fitness training?

We will take the example of our own club.

You can register on our website. We have made different packages available and you can choose one of the packages that best suits your needs. If you are already our member, you can avail our online classes by simply accepting the invite that we send to our members.

Otherwise, you can also register in one of the mobile apps after choosing your preferred online fitness trainer. Just make sure that you read the terms and conditions as well as the reviews carefully before committing yourself.

What does one get from an online fitness trainer or coach?

What you get from an online fitness trainer or coach is not much different from what you get when you physically attend his or her classes. He or she can help you in goal setting. You can get the answers you need regarding your fitness needs, current fitness levels or the nutrition that you need to closely watch.

Your fitness trainer will also help you decide how long your individual classes must be.

Your online fitness trainer is just a video call for a text message away from you in case you need urgent guidance. Just make sure that the number of one-on-one interactions that you can have with your online fitness trainer depends on the package you have opted for.

What type of training do I get from my online fitness class?

The fitness training package that you get will be completely tailored according to what you need. You may want your online fitness classes at your workplace, at home or while you are traveling.

What sort of exercises and physical activities you do depend on the space you have got and the equipment that is available around you. In case additional equipment is required, your trainer will instruct you on what to procure.

In many physical activities you don’t even need special equipment. A trained fitness instructor can even instruct you on using household items for your training. Some of the activities may involve cardiovascular improvement, flexibility, strength training and diet tracking.

Can I contact my online fitness trainer as and when needed?

Although there shouldn’t be any problem in that, your online fitness trainer may have other commitments exactly when you are trying to contact. As mentioned above, how many times you can contact your fitness trainer may depend on your package. Otherwise, whenever they get a chance, they respond via text messages. When it is absolutely necessary, you can also have a video conference other than the scheduled class.