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Here are 6 juices to take your new diet to the next level 

With the social media boom, all of us got used to looking at more and more people around the world at the edge of our hands. This inspires us to take care of ourselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle. More and more people want to take care of their Health and wish to try more ways to improve health. The same need had given way to inventions like a top cold press juicer. This device is a top-quality product that allows you to juice fruits and vegetables without reducing their nutritional value. This goes without saying that eating fruits is a very good habit to inculcate along with daily diet but juices improve on your total serving of fruit and vegetable intake. There are fruits like mangoes, bananas, or avocados that have the property to blend better than to be juiced, which is also visible on simply looking at them as compared to an apple or a cucumber. 

Here are some of the items that you can juice with the help of your newly bought top- quality cold-pressed juicer: 

  • Carrot juice 

Whenever you are trying for a weight loss plan or looking at a juice cleanse carrots can be of a great start. They are full of fiber and very little amount of calories. With a cold-pressed juicer, you can press the maximum juice out and have a tall glass of juice to make you feel fuller for longer. 

  • Amla juice 

Gooseberry or amla is a commonly used berry in our household. It’s a great way to add this juice to your breakfast routine or have first thing in the morning. It improves your metabolism by making it faster and more efficient. Drinking it right when you wake up and on an empty stomach can help you with your weight management. 

  • Cucumber juice 

We already know green vegetables are a very important part of our diet and we must consume a portion of it with our meals. Cucumber has high water and fiber content which helps you quench your dehydration and again, helps you feel like you have a full stomach. 

  • Bitter gourd

Although the first thing that comes to mind is the bitter taste, this vegetable is proven to be helpful in losing weight. It has been suggested that drinking bitter gourd juice regularly helps the liver function smoothly and promotes bile secretions to help in the digestion of fat. 

  • Pomegranate juice 

Doctors advise you to consume pomegranates to improve your iron level in blood. It is also known to help your skin to become clearer and brighter with its complex mix of antioxidants and polyphenols. The juice should be consumed regularly to aid the process of general healthy living and promote smooth clear skin. 

  • Cabbage juice 

Although it may taste a little weird cabbage juice can do wonders to your digestive system. It can be extremely effective in relieving bloating and indigestion and promote a healthy digestive tract.