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Highlights On Cheiloplasty


Lips are the first thing you pay attention to when meeting a person and communicating. Beautiful, sensual lips have always been a symbol of female attractiveness. Beautiful lips are an undeniable accent that emphasizes the expressiveness of the face, and one of the main components of the attractiveness of the image as a whole. The aesthetics and beauty of the shape of the lips are evaluated according to several parameters: the proportion of the ratio of the upper and lower lips, the symmetry of the contour, fullness (puffiness), the height, and color saturation of the red border, the upturned upper lip.

What is Cheiloplasty

Cheiloplasty is plastic surgery for the correction and beauty of the shape of the lips. Using cheiloplasty, you can correct the unwanted anatomical or post-traumatic feature of the upper and lower lips, increase their volume (and, if desired, reduce it), and correct the consequences of unsuccessful operations or injections of a non-absorbable gel. Modern cosmetology allows you not only to make your cheekbones high and beautiful but also to get rid of complexes, which means that, ultimately, it will make you happier.

There are several techniques for cheiloplasty:

  • Operation Bullhorn
  • Kisselring operation
  • “VY” plastic
  • Corner Lift

All cheiloplasty operations are performed on an outpatient basis, and under local anesthesia, the duration of the process is 40-50 minutes. In the first days after plastic surgery, it is recommended to limit and control facial expressions, to prevent heating, to refrain from solid foods, if necessary, the doctor will prescribe rinsing with antiseptic drugs. On day 6, sutures are removed, a full rehabilitation period takes about one week. Cheiloplasty takes a different healing procedure from other forms of surgery. In a sex change surgery, it takes a more extended period for the patient to recuperate, the same in other plastic surgical procedures.