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Natural Medicine Or Conventional Medicine: Do You Have To Choose?

Much has been said about whether traditional medicine or natural as it is also known, is as effective or more than what we come to call conventional medicine, which is applied in health centers, hospitals and others.

Some bet on home remedies and preparations based on natural ingredients, while others defend the advancement of technology and modern medical techniques, assuring that other techniques are not only ineffective but can be dangerous. Who is right? Do you have to choose, or can you combine the two styles of medicine? What kind of disease does Hua Luk Siam treat (ฮั้วลักเซียมรักษาโรคอะไรบ้าง, which is the term in Thai)?

The Origin Of Current Medicine Is Natural

If we think about it, all the medicines we use today have their origin in natural medicine. And it is that the compounds from which the formulas are obtained are present in nature. For example, something as simple as aspirin, whose active ingredient is acetylsalicylic acid, began to be obtained from willow bark.

The process to this day is indeed much more complex. But basically, drugs have a source in nature. It is also common for some doctors to recommend some compounds, such as aromatherapy, to treat some health problems.

Why Choose Only One Type Of Medicine?

The truth is that you don’t have to position yourself on one side or the other. Especially if you want to enjoy good health since some of the advantages of modern medicine also have adverse effects. In contrast, natural medicine is not as effective in certain circumstances.

Maintaining a good diet, supported by natural remedies is a way to prevent diseases and problems in the future. Whereas once they appear, there are health issues that only the most sophisticated medicine can combat.

Therefore, the conclusion is that both medicines work and complement each other. Therefore, don’t be too belligerent about whether one of them is the best or not. You have to know how to use them properly.