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Older Dog Health Issues – Common Health Issues Facing Senior Dogs

Like several creatures, as dogs age they have a tendency to build up health issues unique to

older dogs. Many dog proprietors have a hard time accepting this fact and

believe that their lively pooch isn’t an older

dog and won’t have health

problems. Dogs can, however, show aging process as soon as seven

years of age. Older dog health issues generally affect bigger breeds

sooner than small breeds that have a tendency to show aging process around ten to twelve years

old. The truth is senior dog

health issues will ultimately be considered a concern for each pet owner.

Common Health Issues Facing Older Dogs

Most dogs will vary and, based on their size, breed and level of activity,

will exhibit health issues differently. However, you will find common health

problems that may manifest in most senior dogs such as the following:

Joint and bone problems

A general decrease in their metabolic process

Complications with their ears and eyes

Kidney and liver dysfunctions

Skin becomes thin and fewer pliable as the coat becomes mottled and patchy

Issues with gums and teeth

Unlike just a little puppy that has a never-ending way to obtain energy, a mature dog will

have a tendency to slow lower and take more time to put lower or fully stand up. Rather of

bounding in the stairs your senior dog usually takes each stair one in a

time. Your pet may develop joint disease, an inflammatory reaction from the joints

causing discomfort and discomfort, that is generally the reason for this slowing

lower. There’s a host of anti-inflammatory drugs that the vet

can suggest to lessen the anguish brought on by joint disease.

Oftentimes, a mature dog will experience their eyes because they develop

cataracts or perhaps glaucoma. A cataract will end up apparent towards the owner as

your eyes possess a cloudy appearance and have a tendency to mirror light. Senior dogs

might also develop glaucoma, an elevated quantity of pressure around the eyes, and may

cause more severe problems if not treated.

The whole circulatory and most of the major organs are taxed in older

dogs. The center, lung area, kidneys and liver all dwindle efficient and

the natural defenses may become weak and susceptible to infections and bacteria.

Serious health issues may develop inside your senior dog as a few of the signs and symptoms

develop progressively. It’s your responsibility a older dog’s

health insurance and remain informed from the possible senior dog health issues that

generally arise.