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Should you go with fixing your eyelid problems?

When you talk about correcting eyelid, then you must first gather the information that it is correct for you or not. Eyelid correction is usually suitable for two groups of people. You can continue reading to know more about the group of people who can do Eyelid correction.


People with a young age group can get eyelid correction. What if, in any case, the eyelid excess this situation can cause with no eyes as the eyelid will swag down and close.

Second group

When we talk about the second group of people who can do Eyelid correction is those who have naturally saggy eyelids. Such people face problems in opening their eyes. And their eyelids also makes the eyes look smaller. The issue of both groups can be resolved with the help of double eyelid surgery. Surgery is done by cutting off the excess of the eyelid, or sometimes it is done with cutting the extra fat. After the double eyelid surgery, the eyes look normal and raising. Yes, the eyes look more prominent than before.

How painful is eyelid surgery?

Many patients take pills after the surgery for pain, but many do not even feel the need to take the tablets after blepharoplasty. The operation is not, fortunately, harrowing.

If you are facing any problem with your eyelids, then it is a smart decision to go for eyelid surgery or a ptosis (ตาตก which is the term in Thai) surgery. You will feel a change after the surgery in your eyelid, and they will feel tight and sore. Usually, after the surgery, patients feel that their eyes are itchy, sticky, watery, and dry. The eyes are sensitive to light. Such patients face blurry vision for a few days, and the doctor will give you the medicines to prevent discomfort and pain. As a patient, you also have to take care of yourself because you have been through a surgery