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Tianeptine sulfate – Some Major Side Effects

Tianeptine is a prescription drug that helps people to get rid of their mental related problems like depression, anxiety, etc. In most countries, this medication is approved as the safest prescription, but in the US, it is not approved to be prescribed. Tianeptine sulfate is commonly used for depression as people usually get caught by this disease very easily and leads them suffer huge losses. People with depression can lead to losing their lives and can also make other people feel depressed.

When a person takes this medication, it directly affects that person’s brain and makes it get relaxed as soon as possible. You must take care of the dose that you have to take so that you won’t take a huge medication. If you take a higher medication, it can harmyour body and lead tosignificant side effects. You should be active enough while taking the mediation that you can judge its dose and then take it. A higher dose can lead you to get addicted to this medication and can also cause major disorders.

It is crucial for you to know somemajor side effects of taking a higher dose of this medicine. It will allow you to use the dose accordingly and makes you suffer less and have good treatment.

  • Difficulty Breathing–Another major side effect that a person can face after taking a high dose of the mentioned medication is difficulty breathing. Once you get to breathe hard, then it will cause so many other problems in your body. You should take care of your dose while taking any medication so that you won’t face problems like breathing and others. If you feel that you are not able tobreathe properly, then you must stop taking it.
  • Confusion – When people take a higher dose of tianeptine sulfate, then they tend to face huge confusion and don’t able to make the right decisions. The people keep on getting confused when they are asked to choose something or to do something. Confusion can lead you to face those environments, which can lead you to have bad impacts on your image and life. A confused person will always remain in the stress and tension of something and can do anything wrong.
  • Death – One of the dangerous and major side effects of the medication mentioned above is that it can lead you to death. A higher dose can make you suffer those aspects, which can lead you to death, such as breathing problems, confusion, depression, etc. You must take care of yourself if you want to remain safe and healthy with this medicine and, most importantly, take care of your dose.


The above points are some of the side effects of tianeptine sulfate, which will help you know how bad its side effects are and how much you should take care of while taking a dose. Side effects of this medication are very dangerous, and even you can lose your life, so be carefulwhiletaking it and must consult a doctor.