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Tips To Prevent White Spot Lesions

White spot lesions are commonly found in people who have been through an orthodontics appliance. When the appliance is worn for more extended periods, it decalcifies the enamel. This starts to appear as white spot lesions on the teeth. Some people will go through a challenging situation to get this fixed; however, some might not even have white spot lesions. Daily Star can explain all that you need to know about White Spot Lesions. Here we will tell you how to prevent this situation from happening.

1.    Control Your Diet

Prevention is the first measure to solve the white sport lesions problem. After you have been through your orthodontics treatment, you have to control your diet. Effective prevention from eating sugary treats or drinking hot and cold water can help your gums recover faster.

2.    Chew Special Dental Gum

If you thought that dentists are all needles and knives, then you were wrong. The best prevention for white spot lesions is chewing Xylitol gum 3-4 times a day. White spot lesions are caused due to a lack of salivation. When the patient chews on Xylitol gum, it helps your mouth release saliva that covers your teeth. Saliva acts as a natural barrier that prevents any infections or plague.

3.    Use an Electric Toothbrush

After orthodontic treatment, your teeth need the best care possible. This means that a regular toothbrush won’t do much help. Dentists recommend electric toothbrushes because of its high speed and vibration. It goes into the tiniest parts of your teeth and cleans all the dirt trapped inside.

4.    Use Dental Toothpaste And Mouth Wash

The use of special fluoride-based toothpaste helps the gum regain their lost potency. If you brush your teeth at least three times a day, your chances of WSL will dropdown. However, just brushing your teeth won’t be enough. You need to,once a day, rinse for a week, repeated every month. It helps reduce the level of caries-producing and pH, reducing bacteria in the mouth.

Wrapping It Up

White Spot Lesions is a common infection of the tooth that is found in post orthodontic patients. If you did not have proper oral hygiene during your braces, then your teeth will start to demineralize. This ends up in corrosion them with spots. If the preventives are done right, you won’t have WSL after your orthodontic procedure is done.