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Understanding More About Ultherapy Treatment Now

Ultherapy treatment is non-surgical treatment of skin. This is a therapy that is used to lift the chin, neck and brow and in improving the lines and wrinkles on upper part of the chest. This is done through ultrasound where the energy is delivered exactly where it would be most beneficial. The provider can see the layers of tissue they are treating, thus it ensure it is delivered at the right place. This therapy essentially revitalizes the collagen, which is a natural protein that provides the skin its youthfulness but breaks down once we age. The thermal effect of the ultrasound helps in producing fresh new collagen in the body.

The procedure of this non-invasive therapy takes only 30 to 90 minutes depending on the exact area where the ultrasound would be used. However, the results would be visible only after 2 months (some time up to 6 months also) as production of new collagen normally takes time and varies person to person. Use of ultrasound energy for medical purpose is not a new proposition and his happening all over the world for nearly half a century. Hence Ultherapy is a safe treatment procedure and is widely established. More than a million treatments have already taken place in many countries worldwide.

Surgical facelift results are not duplicated by Ultherapy. However, this is the nearest alternative and the advantageous to particularly those who doesn’t want a surgery. This therapy is more effective than laser treatments. Laser treatments primarily depends on light energy which cannot reach deep into the skin hence are useful for superficial skin treatments only. The side effects of this treatment are minimal and last only for few hours of the therapy. There are no post-treatment measures to follow in this therapy and one can resume normal activities right after the therapy. Any person who is lacking laxity in skin can avail this therapy.