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Vapes are better than cigarettes

We humans find ways to keep happy when there is stress. an easy way to do this is by smoking. But the younger generation is a little concerned about the harm they bring to others around them. Actually, they like to enjoy smoking in the company of others, which is not quite accepted by all. So, to avoid the smell and smoke there is an alternative technology called vaping. To be socially accepted, vaping; can be a better way to doit. While you still get to enjoy nicotine there will be no passive smoking fear for others. also, there will be no pungent smell. All this possible as there are many flavours available in the market. The look of the Geek bar is cool and attractive. They are available in many colour packs as well. there are many fruity flavours and the covers make it look like a lip gloss bottle or a highlighter. So, if you are not using one no one is going to know what it is. So, you can be happy to carry one while no one notices it with you.

So, what is vaping?

Vaping is related to the process of formation of vapours of nicotine from the e-liquids. These e-liquids are basically salts of nicotine and not solid tobacco. So, there is much more concentration even in small packing. This e-liquid is heated to a high temperature to form vapours but not burn. There is a heat sensor control to maintain the temperature. There is no combustion tobacco so maybe the toxicity of the fumes is lesser than that of the smoke. Elf bar are small and sleek. You can use it one time and then throw it away just like you would do to a normal cigarette. There are many different flavours available in Beco bar. So, you can buy a new flavour when you want to try one. For reusable devices, all you have to do is buy a new pod and replace it. The batteries are rechargeable and last you a long session. So, you can just carry the device ad charge it when you are back home. The device is sensor activated and there is no wastage. Also, the pods do not fall off. They are held in place by the magnets in the pod and the device.

More and more people are taking up vaping

There are so many new flavours that a person can get to enjoy in Frunk bar disposables, which is not possible with traditional cigarettes. Also, you can safely use it indoors in the presence of yourloved ones and kids. There will be no smoke, ash or fear of a fire incidence. It will not pinch your pocket. The cost will be good as you get to try new flavours every time without changing the device. The satisfaction of using nicotine is much more than the traditional cigarettes. The vapes can be used several times, unlike the cigarettes. So, it is easy on the pocket.