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What are some drugs available to treat erectile dysfunction?

Introduction to erectile dysfunction

You would have experienced difficulties when you try to engage in sexual intimacy with your partner. The difficulty would be in getting an erection stiff enough to complete the sexual intercourse. If this happened to you at times, you should not bother. But if it occurs every time you try to get intimate with your partner, you are having erectile dysfunction. ED is the abbreviation of erectile dysfunction. ED is the condition in which the blood flow to the penal muscles will not be enough to get the stiffness that is required to have sex. Since your body is not capable of relaxing the muscles and allow more blood to flow to the penal tissues, no blood particles will accumulate there. So, you will not get an erection. Your physical conditions, like heart diseases, prostate cancer, spinal injuries, and other disorders may contribute to erectile dysfunction. If you are mentally unstable with a lot of stress, depression, and anxiety, you will not get an erection firm enough to enjoy sex to the fullest. You can treat erectile dysfunction with the help of a doctor. There are several approved medications and pills available online, like Cialis and Viagra. It is easy to buy Cialis or Viagra with a doctor’s prescription in various countries. In this article, let us discuss these two drugs in brief.

Cialis in treating erectile dysfunction 

Cialis is the brand name of an approved drug named tadalafil that is used to treat erectile dysfunction along with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). If you take Cialis, the phosphodiesterase five prohibitor capacity will restrict that enzyme in your body from its action. Instead, it will stimulate the release of Nitrous oxide (NO) in the body. The nitrous oxide will do the work of phosphodiesterase five, along with relaxing the muscles at specific parts of the body. The penis comes under this category, and the penal muscles will relax to allow more blood flow. Once more blood starts to flow through the penis, blood particles will accumulate in the tissues and will make the penis stiff. If you are sexually aroused after one hour of Cialis intake, this action can help you get a hard erection that will last until you reach the climax during the sexual activity. So, men with erectile dysfunction can tackle their inability to maintain an erection using this drug. However, it is mandatory to consult with a doctor before taking the drug.

Viagra in erectile dysfunction treatment

Like Cialis, Viagra is the most popularly used medication for erectile dysfunction. It works almost similarly to Cialis. But it can interact with the food you have eaten earlier. So, it is advisable to take Viagra with an empty stomach before thirty minutes or one hour of having sex. You can maintain the power of Viagra for up to six hours. Since there will be some side effects if you have other complexities, you should consult with a doctor before intake.