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What are the required perquisites for a sex change operation?

Some initial requirements are necessary for a patient to undergo a sex-change operation. This includes the patient is 20 years old or if the patient is between 18 to 20 years of age, he/she requires parental consent to carry on with the procedure. Before the surgery, at least 12 months of hormonal therapy certificate is required. If the patient is going for a foreign country, psychiatrist consultation in both countries is required. The patient should also be physically fit for the surgery. Every patient is unique, and every patient has diverse expectations from the surgery. Some go for sex change [kjønnsskifte, that is the term in Norwegian] surgery for self-validation and some are just tired of the gender they were given.

A patient has different options for the surgery

Although the surgery includes changing the genitals, it also comes with a number of options, or you may call them extra features. But these extra sex change [kjønnsskifte, that is the term in Norwegian] procedures also cost extra. Facial and voice feminization surgery, buttock augmentation to increase the volume, tracheal shave to remove Adam’s apple, or breast augmentation to increase the breast size. The sex reassignment in the case of male to female has the option of creating a vagina without depth or with enough dept for penetration. 3 weeks are required for you to recover from the surgery and people normally return to work after 4-6 weeks after the surgery. It is important to follow all the medication instructions during your recovery period.

Aftercare and success rate

Social support is really important as the patient has gone through a lot to reach the decision of sex change. This moral support comes for the loved ones including family and friends. Proper counseling before and after the procedure is required. The success rate is quite high as compared to the last decade due to technological advancement. The male to female sex change surgery has a higher success rate as compared to the female to male surgery.