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Why Women Pretend to be Pregnant?

There are various reasons why women pretend that they are pregnant as it helps them to get some sympathy from others. Usually, women have more rights than males due to which some women try to misuse those rights. Women try to opt for such habits because it helps them get more food, more sympathy, etc. It can help women to remain safe from various tasks that they don’t want to do.

The main motive of the women who pretend to be pregnant is to take various benefits from different people and places. It can help them to get extra respect and benefits when they go anywhere out. It’s risky to pretend as a pregnant woman, but still, some women try to do so. Women need to understand that it’s not good to pretend that you are pregnant. Some women feel that they are so beautiful, and if they pretend to be as pregnant women, then they can able to receive more benefits.

Here are some points that can help you know about the significant reasons due to which women opt for such behaviors.

  1. Eating fast food of their choice

It is the first reason for women who pretend to be pregnant. It helps them to have those food items which they can’t eat in their daily routine. A woman can have fast food, which is unhealthy, but they want to eat due to mood swings. Pregnancy periods can allow women to have Pringles. Sour things and many others which they want to have. By opting for such behavior, women can get rid of those food items they don’t want to eat.

  1. Getting a Seat on Public Transport

You can pretend that you are pregnant in public areas so that you can able to get a seat on public transport. It can help women to get a seat and can manage their balance of traveling. Women can get a huge help with such behavior, but they should understand that it’s wrong. By doing so, women are making fun of pregnancy and trying to insult this behavior. Usually, people are often polite with pregnant women and help them to get safe traveling.

  1. You May Get Presents

When women try to show that she is pregnant, then her partner seems to be very happy and try to keep their women happy. It can help them to have more happiness and gifts which they can’t even imagine in their normal days. Women are still in their normal days, but they pretend to be pregnant to get various presents.


Women should understand that it’s not good to pretend that you are pregnant as it can harm you as well as your partner’s feelings. When you start getting presents and respect, and when you realize that you are just pretending, it can make you sad. It would be best if you tried not to pretend to be pregnant so that you can have a happy life without it.