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Can Double Eyelid Surgery Fix Ptosis? 


What Is Under-Eye Filler? | ShapeEyes are vital for life. They impact our vision and our appearance. That’s why people who experience eye-related issues should get immediate surgery. Sagging skin in the eyelids is a common problem. People who want perfect vision and their eyes to look good can now get double eyelid surgery. Surgery helps eliminate the sagging skin around their eyelids. This procedure makes their eyelids look younger. More importantly, they don’t suffer from irritations in their cornea. Their overall vision also improves. That’s why double eyelid surgery is a very common procedure. Anyone with droopy eyelids can receive this surgery to improve their life.

Impacts of Double Eyelid Surgeries 

Double eyelid surgeries are vital for curing Ptosis. This condition is also known as “droopy eye syndrome.” It’s common for aging people to have sagging skin around their eyes. This extra, fat-filled skin can impact their vision and how they appear. Doctors use incisions to eliminate this extra fat. They use special surgical instruments, lasers, and their expertise to cut off the excess skin. The extra eyelid may hamper the patient’s vision or lead to more eye muscle weakness. After receiving double eyelid surgeries, patients’ eye muscles grow stronger.

Are these Surgeries Safe? 

Do you want a permanent fix for Ptosis [ตาตก, which is the term in Thai]? Then, getting double eyelid surgeries is your best bet. Once the extra eyelids start obscuring the patient’s vision getting this surgery becomes imperative. Don’t worry – double eyelid surgeries are safe and very common. Temporary solutions like using eyedrops are helpful. But, for permanent results, patients should get double eyelid work from top clinics. Before these surgeries, doctors recommend some basic precautionary steps. They include – getting enough sleep, resting for 2 days after surgery, etc. Patients who follow these instructions don’t suffer from any major side effects.