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What is Office Syndrome?

You may come across a class of symptoms due to the practice of unhealthy sitting postures. This condition is office syndrome, most common for people who spend long hours sitting in the same position. It may not be so alarming initially, but the muscles and spine condition can deteriorate without proper attention. Unnatural sitting position due to inappropriate table height and wrong positioning of the computer in a poor working environment can cause this condition. The core muscles get affected due to repetitive contraction as a result of constant hunching and slumping over the shoulders. 

Common Signs, symptoms, and treatment

Office syndrome itself is not an ailment but just a collection of different symptoms. People may have different signs and symptoms for this condition. You may see people complaining about pain in the spine, shoulder, or knee. For some, it may be a headache, dry eyes, and giddiness. The condition, if left unattended, can even lead to depression, insomnia, and fatigue. If you relate to any of the symptoms, it is better to consult a doctor. The physician may prescribe medication or physiotherapy after investigating x-rays, ultrasound scans, or blood reports. The treatment procedure will depend on the part of the body involved. Treatment is generally fruitful, but prevention is better than cure.

How can you prevent office syndrome?

You can avoid office syndrome by adopting some good habits and making some adjustments to the workplace. A good sitting posture with a straight rolled-up shoulder and tucked-up chin win half the battle. It will be helpful if you can adjust the sitting position once every couple of hours to avoid sitting on the edge and maintaining the same angle. Exercises like stretching and jogging help to strengthen the core muscles and play an important role in negating the syndrome. Taking small breaks throughout the day’s work for walking and resting your eyes can also be of immense help. So you may now have a proper answer to the question, what is office syndrome? [ออฟฟิศ ซิ โดร คือ]