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Halal gelatin

The processing of gelatin generally involves the extraction of collagen from animal’s skin and bones. Standard gelatin is not permissible if you obey Islamic laws. Approximately forty-three percent of gelatin comes from either the skin or bones of a pig. Any traces of pig extract will be haram, meaning not permissible for Islam followers. Halal means allowable in Urdu, and as the name suggests, any gelatin consisting of other than pig meat is Halal gelatin. You can process it from other forms of meat, vegetables, or fish. The process of slaughter must also be following the guidelines of Islamic law. This particular type of gelatin helps to make it finer and fluffier.

Difference between halal and haram gelatin

The halal and haram gelatin does not differ much in physical appearance. There are two most important criteria for gelatin to come under the halal segment, according to Islam. Firstly, the extraction of gelatin must involve animals like cows, goats, chickens, and fish. Except for fishes, the slaughter process of all the other animals must be according to Sharia Law. The fulfillment of these two parameters will only lead to the extraction of bones and skins to obtain gelatin. Due to the huge demand for non-pig gelatin, the food processing industries emphasize alternatives to maintain a steady supply for a large Muslim, vegetarian and vegan population.

Where to find halal gelatin?

If you seek pig-free gelatin, you must look for a logo stating halal or vegetarian. It will be better for you to avoid gelatin products without such a logo. Any emblem or seal present in the package will be a proof of guarantee, and you can enjoy the benefits of the product in a peaceful mind. Looking for alternatives products of gelatin involving extraction process of plant-based sources like agar-agar. You can also purchase substitutes like pectin and konjac from the market. It is best to prepare some jellified delicacies using these alternatives at home if non-gelatin desserts are not enough to satisfy your cravings.