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Delicious Camping Breakfast Recipes For Your Next Outdoor Trip

If you’re going camping, you need to think of great ways to start your day right. One of the ideal ways is by having a delicious breakfast. One of the best camping features is that it is a great spot to try something new, like the different ways to cook potatoes. The best part is some people go with excellent camping cookware to ensure they can still enjoy delicious meals while at camp. If you’re looking for breakfast ideas, we’ve got you covered. The breakfast recipes shared here are simple to try out and don’t require you to spend much time preparing it or cleaning up. Below are delicious camping breakfast recipes for your next outdoor trip.

Breakfast Potatoes

Potatoes are reliable, especially when it comes to outdoor meals. They will make a great camping breakfast meal as there are many ways to cook potatoes, even in outdoor spaces. The technique to cooking this breakfast potato is simple. All you need to really do is dice up the potatoes and throw them in olive oil to cook for a while till it’s nice and brown. As it gets closer to being dry, add some diced bacon. Frozen slices of bacon are the best choice for you. As the bacon renders, it will continue to cook the potatoes, and you can now add your flavor to it. Once the bacon is fully cooked, you can serve your breakfast in a warm bowl with some eggs.

French Toast

French Toast can serve both as a delicious breakfast and as a dessert. You can top the French toast up with Greek yogurt or any form of berries once you’ve finished making it. To get started:

  1. Mix the eggs and milk and pour the mixture over your bread slice. If you have some almonds and strawberries, you can also try adding them to the bread slices.
  2. Once you’re done with the toppings, cover the slice with another slice and wrap it tightly with foil.
  3. Cook the French toast for 35 minutes, and during that moment, move the toast around frequently around the pole.

Cheesy Potato Packets

Another leading method among the ways to cook potatoes is preparing cheesy potato packets. These cheesy potatoes are easy to cook in a foil packet and can be thrown on the grill or over the campfire coals. It is excellent as a camping breakfast or as a healthy side dish. All you need is potatoes, scallions, olive oil, salt, cheese, ground pepper. To prepare, you simply have to throw the potatoes, salt, pepper, scallions, and olive oil inside a bowl. Cut out four pieces of heavy-duty foil and spray with a cooking spray. The next step required is to divide the mixture and place half in the middle of the foil, closing tightly. Use a second foil to wrap again, and then put the second half on the third foil. Close tightly and cover again with the fourth foil. Prepare a camping fire and once it’s down to the coals, place the packets on it to cook for about 20-30 minutes till the potato is tender. Open once it is soft, sprinkle with cheese and close again. After five minutes, your cheesy potato packets are ready to eat.