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Tips On How To Use Gelatin

Diet gelatin must be prepared with hot water as instructed on the package and can be consumed between the day’s main meals or as an accompaniment to fruit and yogurt. On the other hand, hydrolyzed collagen is soluble in cold water and is easier to digest than boxed gelatin. You can dissolve a spoonful of collagen in a glass of water or add it to juices, soups, or shakes. Click here to know what is gelatin

Gelatin In Capsules

It is already possible to find gelatin in capsules, which ensures more practicality in everyday life. In addition to presenting the same benefits as powdered gelatin, the capsules also provide a more significant amount of collagen per serving. They contain pure protein without the addition of flavorings and sweeteners.

But there are also disadvantages, the main one being the volume needed to obtain the benefits of gelatin. You will need to take at least 20 capsules daily as manufacturers recommend consuming at least 10g of collagen daily.

Another disadvantage is that satiety is lower with capsules since powdered gelatin requires a greater volume of liquid for its absorption, contributing to a more incredible filling of the stomach.


  • Always consult a physician or nutritionist before starting any supplement.
  • To make gelatin even more nutritious, try preparing it with beetroot cooking water or fruit juices without added sugar.
  • You can add a scoop of unflavored gelatin to the fruit shake to increase the protein content of the drink and prolong satiety.
  • If you have to opt for gelatin on sale at the supermarket, stick with the diet version. Although filled with preservatives and other chemical additives, diet gelatin does not contain sugar and is a great weight loss ally.
  • Try using gelatin to thicken your homemade low-fat yogurt.
  • Replacing a more caloric snack with a bowl of diet gelatin is an excellent way to control hunger, and at the same time, ensure an adequate intake of protein in the diet.